TarynTrue | Recommended Stylists & Vendors

If styling is needed for your shoot, please feel free to contact these recommended vendors:


1. Reena Shaw [iamfabulouslyyours.com] Reena is an extremely talented & certified makeup artist who has styled a majority of sessions. Her technical abilities and creative concepts cannot be rivaled. Reena is perfect for both natural beauty looks as well as vivid couture and haute designs. 551.486.8240 | iamfabulouslyyours@gmail.com

2. Martina Aponte [faceattitude.com] Martina is also a certified makeup artist as well as a hair stylist. Her forte is natural beauty and bridal makeup. Martina's bridal updos are unparalleled! faceattitude@gmail.com



1. Paula Jaamz: [instagram.com/paulasssssss] Paula is no less than amazing at styling hair. She has the uncanny ability to ace any concept given. From beautiful natural hair to avant garde forms, she can master all.



1. Lynette Ware [boutique-offthehanger.com] Complete with her own Store in Montclair, NJ (Boutique Off The Hanger), the best styles are pulled for your portfolio. (888) 235-1653 | boutiqueoffthehanger@hotmail.com