TarynTrue | Before-Your-Session

I am delighted that we will be shooting together. Here is a recommended guide filled with Pre-Shoot Information:




Here are some recommendations:

1. MAKEUP & HAIR: Please arrive camera ready. Hair should be well managed to avoid as many stray hairs as possible.


2. BODY HAIR: If older or adult: it is best to remove all unwanted body hair which includes armpit, arms and legs. This also includes the FACE (groom: eyebrows, lips, chin) Removal is optional, not required.


3. CLOTHING: Clothing should not be unintentionally ripped, heavily washed/pitted, wrinkled or ill-fitting.  It is recommended that clothes are well fitted or tailored with little wear, heavy color fade, pulls or unintentional holes.


4. POSING: Please feel free to practice before the shoot. The best inspiration for posing would be to keep slowly moving, acting natural and be fluid.


5. FACES: Be sure to exaggerate any normal expression. Great inspirational keywords for are: regal, excited, vivid, wondrous.


6. EYES: Get plenty of sleep! If possible, please try not to arrive with bags under your eyes and avoid bloodshot eyes.


7. ESCORTS: Up to 2 escorts may stay during the shoot. If an escort interrupts in any way, all parties will be asked to leave.



8. TIME: Please arrive on time and ready to shoot. There is another shoot after yours, so the session will end according to time allotted.



- If shooting on a backdrop, all color backgrounds must be requested at least 2 weeks prior to our shoot. Standard background colors are white, grey or black.


- You may email example web size jpgs or links to images that you would like to replicate at least 1 week prior to our shoot directly to info@taryntrue.com Please include the word “Photoshoot Examples” along with your name and shoot date in the Subject Line (example: Photoshoot Examples - Tarilyn Smith - 10/13/2014) *Example replications are subject to lighting equipment available.